We’ve Got Pitcher Plants Here?

Imagine that these are only about 2cm long... when I tilted it, liquid poured out. I couldn't see inside with my naked eyes, but these look a lot like carnivorous pitcher plants. Regardless, they are stunningly beautiful. Not exactly yellow, but more an orange-hued ochre. They grow out of a solid and proud looking stem, … Continue reading We’ve Got Pitcher Plants Here?

Unusual Green

My camera was picking up the green tint of the sunlight pushing through the canopy. It coloured everything green. Regardless of the filter, I played with, I couldn't render the grayscales of these mushrooms. So, I'll leave them with their toxic-radiation-green hue. I wonder if they glow in the moonlight too???  Prints & more available … Continue reading Unusual Green

The Sentinal

Standing tall, stoic Guarding life Guarding death Temporarily befriended by the sun Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com

New Arrival to Death

Take a moment and observe all the colours and textures of this composition. Mother Nature painted this. She filed it with reminders of the wonderful life all around us. She reminds us to stop and take a moment. This leaf with it's mottled green and yellow surface drew me in and I'm so glad it … Continue reading New Arrival to Death

Edible, Magic, or Poisonous?

I really need to take a course on foraging and mushrooms. The forest is packed with life and I feel I know nothing about most of it. Arg!!! There's just so much to learn. Amazingly, even though I notice so many things and really love noticing them, I get anxious at not knowing more about … Continue reading Edible, Magic, or Poisonous?

Coral Fungus

We saw these in a small area, deep under the heavy canopy, next to heavily rotted logs... and nowhere else in the entire forest. They seemed to be spreading out from a core near the logs. Bright and translucent white blooms; they vibrated and seemed blurry to my eyes as if I was looking at … Continue reading Coral Fungus

Details Of Beauty

I'm tempted to say nothing about this one and just ask you what you feel when you look at it... I saw this small damaged bunch of leaves hiding in the lush dark greens of other leafy plants from my garden. It stopped me in my tracks and I'm not sure why. I just find … Continue reading Details Of Beauty

Danger In A Beautiful Packaging

Look a little past this blossom and what do you see? Spikes! Do they do more than protect these flowers? If so, what? These flowers were few and far between in this particular clearing at The Morgan Arboretum. I found none in decay, nor with any bug bites taken from them. No bees on them … Continue reading Danger In A Beautiful Packaging

A Natural Choice

I'm continuously fascinated by what happens to the dandelion flower when it turns to seed. I've never seen any plant in the transition from the bright and wet yellow blossom to this bone-dry constellation of seeds. I wonder how it happens. How does each yellow petal change humidity, colour, texture, and shape? These look dead, … Continue reading A Natural Choice

A Break In The Trees

A beautiful day in The Morgan Arboretum... walking and listening to the abundance of life all around us... we had a magical experience. Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com