I grabbed hold of these for a whole different purpose… a natural dyes project. The berries give beautiful blues, purples and greens. The leaves give wonderful browns and greens in very subtle tones. I didn’t try to use the stalks… I was told they can be toxic and cause skin irritation. The bark and wood also give nice blue dyes. All that aside, I am amazed by the alien feel of this odd tree. The berries with their bright red stalks feel like they don’t belong on this tree, as if some alien parasite has invaded it. Just to make things even more confusing and interesting, there is a creeping vine with very similar berries crawling throughout these branches. That other plant is the parasite or symbiote if you consider that the branches hold up the vines and only the vine’s berries seem to be eaten by the birds. Also, seeing how the smaller leaves of the vine are the ones that are wilting, perhaps the tree is the parasite. Ok, so my geek moment has passed and I’m leaving you with my unresolved fascination and the gift of imagination. (I did do the research on these two species and what I found was not as exciting as what I was imagining.)

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com


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