My Autobiographical Pattern – A Little Side Exploration… Into A Vulnerable Truth

... To distract me from answering the real question: "What will this piece say about me?" Before I dive into how this question makes me feel, I need to let off a little steam... "🤨😖😩🤬🤬🤯🥶😱" (Mini-Rant: The emojis are lame and just don't release the feeling the expletives I want to scream out! Since I've … Continue reading My Autobiographical Pattern – A Little Side Exploration… Into A Vulnerable Truth

But A Reflection…

A reflection, yes, but of what? Is the subject looking at himself and seeing what the mirror reveals of his soul, or something else? Perhaps he sees in the eyes of his interlocutors what they see of him: a strange, dark, and compelling interest. The image appears blurry until one squints at it and then … Continue reading But A Reflection…

In Montreal, Art Is All Around Us

This year, in pursuit of my Art Ed. degree... For ARTH 370 - Montreal Metro Visit Report Introduction Originally aiming to experience a different piece of art in the Lionel Groulx Metro, this piece jumped out at me while on-route. I had to stop and look at it, and realized that I was experiencing it … Continue reading In Montreal, Art Is All Around Us

Do You See Me?

There's a sadness that's deep inside people who feel unremarkable and un-noticed. I've felt this most of my life and work hard at changing that mindset-habit. I've been lucky enough to meet many outstanding and talented people who also feel this way and I am constantly amazed that they see themselves this way. We have … Continue reading Do You See Me?

The Long Abstract Project

A little over two years ago I started an Artist Way type exercise, where I would draw a spontaneous abstract in ink on a 4" by 9" watercolour sketch book I found on the liquidation pile at the local arts supply store. Each day I would draw one with the effort to make if somehow … Continue reading The Long Abstract Project

Self-Portraits – A Way To Define Self?

The Challenge of Making A Meaningful Selfie This week in In Pursuit of my Art Ed Degree... We covered the history of photography, mused on the similarities between art photography and photojournalism, and mused on the differences between Selfies & Self-Portraits. While the history gave me a clear understanding of the history of capturing light … Continue reading Self-Portraits – A Way To Define Self?