My Favourite Street

What I learned in Class this Week.... We have been exploring different ways of teaching art and exciting the students to look at there world differently. One of the goals is to establish a safe classroom where there is no wrong answer and no self-expression is bad. There's a little more to it, but that's … Continue reading My Favourite Street

The Adult Learner – An Academic Reflection Paper

This week on my journey toward earning my Art Ed. degree... Introduction Adult learners carry experience, motivation, and expectations with them when embarking on new learning experiences. This influences how they react to their instructor and the learning environment. Orzelski-Konikowski (2011) illustrates how the need for connection between the student and teacher must be part … Continue reading The Adult Learner – An Academic Reflection Paper

Painting With Light & Imagination

This week in In Pursuit of my Art Ed Degree... I discovered the limitations and drawbacks of being an autodidact. For years, I've been experimenting with different media while making my art. I've told myself it doesn't really matter if I know what I'm doing or not, because I'm pursuing creativity. I'm just not convincing … Continue reading Painting With Light & Imagination

A Vision for 2019

And How My Paths Are Converging This Year! Part 1 - Returning to School Is A Little Scary! As many of you already know, I'm returning to school to get my teaching permit in Art Education and it's been a very long time since I was in university last. Much seems to have changed in … Continue reading A Vision for 2019