Hell Yeah! I Am A Writer!


I hope everyone had a good week! Unfortunately, the first part of my week was getting over this sickness. If you are wondering about the lack of updates, it was because I was ill, deadly ill. However, I’m better now, and I want to start writing again.

So, for today’s topic, I want to discuss, owning your titles!


When I first started writing, I called myself an “Aspiring Writer.” One writer – actual, a few writers – told me I’m not an aspiring writer. If I write, I am a writer (period). I understood what they meant, but I didn’t feel like a writer.

For one, people weren’t messaging me every day to read my stories or ask me to update. In fact, weeks would go by where I didn’t hear from anyone. I used to think, well, a “writer” has readers who love their stories and can’t get enough. I…

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