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Title: “Who put a Lizard in my Lasagna? Using the best of who you are to create the best of what you want. “

Author: Sam Glenn

This book is AWESOME!

Bringing a smile into your life and the life of others could very well be the best thing you could ever do, for your business and your relationships. This book brings many smiles into life and tells you how & why to follow these fun ideas.

The book starts with Sam telling how his Mom created a legacy for him and his family that spread to a life philosophy he practices and teaches still.

Incorporating and implementing well beyond the concepts of gratitude and laws of attraction, you will learn here that a smile goes farther than you could ever imagine. Giving and getting smiles is the key to a smarter and happier you.  And, you don’t need anything you don’t already have to accomplish this best version of yourself.

In fact, I have not read a better description of how to appreciate what you already have and how it helps you achieve the goal of respecting yourself and growing from a place of gratitude.

These principles, applied to business and relationship building will help you develop excellence in the following areas: creating memorable experiences, creating positive mindsets, developing ambassadors, enriching relationships with unpredictability, nurturing a lightness in your attitude, forming creative and inspirational leaderships, and creating a lasting legacy.

What more could you want from life, then to be happy, laughs often, live large, and live with the love you earned from your actions and attitudes?

The book can be purchased at Amazon:

And there’s a bunch of short videos by Sam Glenn on YouTube.

Share the lizard, or any similar smile inducing item.

Spoiler alert: This also contains some of the best leadership concepts I’ve ever read.

If you want to change your attitude to a happier and more attractive one, read and use Sam’s book.

I have one recommendation on this edition: The foreword / intro is a little long and reads like an infomercial… but, Boy! Is it ever worth reading on past the promises of “I’ll tell you more on this later.”

Best of luck and good reading!

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