Time to go on a tangent and indulge in a dream… I see my art in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City!

How do I get there?

I’ve shown my art on the internet: Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr , Twitter , and Fine Art America .

I’ve had one person shows and my work is on display all over my house.

I’ve been told my work is overpriced and underpriced. Overpriced for here in Montreal, and vastly underpriced for bigger collector cities like Toronto, Vancouver, New York, & London.

So, I’ve changed the pricing, after a great deal of research on how to allocate pricing… let me start by saying it’s a challenge to do comparative pricing with art… the first challenge with this is that one tends to compare the quality of their work that of others. In my experience it’s impossible to be objective with one’s own work. It takes years to develop skills, and sometimes months to finish a single piece. For those pieces that come from ages of visualizing and what often feels like mere minutes of physical work, we adopt an impostor syndrome and  undervalue the work. Remembering the years of practice that lead to each piece is often difficult. So, I and many others attempt to put this into some sort of equation that looks something like this: Material cost + (time spent on making the work x minimum wage x years of practice). This also presents challenges, as I have been able to complete large works in shorter time, than much smaller works, that have greater details. And then there is the question of being honest with oneself about when did you really start practicing your art? I’ve been painting since I was 10 years old and sculpting since I was 15. I feel I have really been painting as an artist for only 20 years now and thankfully a teacher declared me a master ceramicist about 15 years ago, so how many years of experience to I use as a creative artist?

None of this has eliminated my self-doubt on the value of my work. It doesn’t help that I don’t get a lot of feedback on the actual pieces, despite having close to 300,000 followers on Fine Art America. And no sales! Why, I asked myself and a friend who used to be an art dealer. The answer comes back to self-esteem. Dammit, why is it always self-esteem and why does it always feel like it flies in the face of my authenticity? It’s all in my head. So, I begged her to give me some idea of how she would have priced a few of my pieces for sale. I had to beg hard, because she was worried about hurting my feelings. When I told her that my feelings were probably going to be hurt anyway, especially since she filled me with fear and insecurity with this statement… she relented and gave me some prices and why she had those prices in mind. I chose to consider the why above the amounts, because that is what has helped me the most in repricing and feeling justified with the pricing. Soon I will be posting one painting a day, with a short story, and I’m aiming at getting them in galleries.

So the first step, was in accepting my worth and the value of nearly 40 years of learning, creative thinking, and practice. The second step, is to target my markets more efficiently, by aiming at art dealers and galleries. The third step, is being grateful for the gift of sharing my creativity and giving beauty to those who appreciate my expression of it. The next step is giving it all up to the universe and trusting that one of my expressions will one day hang in the contemporary gallery next to the modern masters.  The long term goal is to keep pushing myself to express my authentic voice with art and someday to see my work at The Museum Of Modern Art in New York, and it is possible you will see it there as well.


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