I’m not sure what love is,

but I know what I love.

I Love a smile that calls me in for a kiss,

that drives me to smile in return,

that makes my heart flutter when I see it,

and fills me with missing when I can’t.

I love eyes that reveal a mighty soul when I look into them,

that fill me with a desire to dive in,

and learn everything behind them.

I love hands that always feel right in mine,

in which every touch is filled with kindness, healing, and love,

which speak the most beautiful love poems with each caress.

I love hugs that comfort like a favourite sweater,

that bring you out of yourself,

and into a place of bliss.

I love words that challenge my beliefs and help me grow,

that give me affirmations and encourage me to become the best possible me.

I love giggles that justify my silliness

and assure me I can always be myself.

I love snuggles that let me share warmth and spontaneous kisses.

I love a mind that is generous and willing to answer my questions,

that is quietly open and loudly curious,

and wants to share our individual passions.

I love bookends to my everyday thoughts,

the image of a smile at the start

and a voice wishing me goodnight.

I love a voice that is both gentle and strong,

that grabs my attention with every syllable

and inspires my interest to hear more.

I love intelligent ideas that lead us into great conversations,

that have me hanging on every word,

to fully absorb other understandings of the topic.

I love questions that are full of honesty and love,

that open my heart to healing,

and fill me with positive anticipation of the future.

I love arguments that help me grow,

to help me accept myself as my loved one sees me,

and that break me of all false humility.

I love generosity that is freely given.

I love creative fools who always excel at encouraging others

and have a hard time encouraging themselves,

because I am one, and I love them.

I love acceptance that encompasses all that I am

and all that comes with me.

I love kindness that reaches out to all those I love,

thats reaffirms to me why they have my love,

and helps me see more reasons to love them.

I love humility that invites honest encouragement,

that never closes conversations,

that is unconcerned with insecurity,

and open to growth.

I love courage that greets each new day as an opportunity to learn

and fearlessly shares that learning with love.

I love inner beauty so brilliant, it shows the strongest heart

and radiates that beauty from every pore.

I love a whole person who knows they are a work in progress

and embraces every moment of growth.

I love all these things in you

and I love that there are so many more things to discover about you.

I may not know what love is,

but I see all these things in you,

and I can lovingly say…

I love you.

by M. Perron (originally written November 7, 2012)

Notes: This was created for a very important person… my wife. This is how I told her I love her for the first time. I’ve never published this one, and I didn’t even have an electronic copy anywhere. I’m so happy I found this copy and share with all of you how much I love my wife, my best friend, and my soulmate.


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