Last evening I attended one of the quarterly meetings for the John Abbott College Foundation. Why? Because I am a proud director on the board, of course. It was almost like the usual meeting… review previous meetings, throw in a few ideas, see if & where I can apply my skills & abilities to help, and approve various motions. Our amazing executive director does all he can, and that is more than most. This has been confirmed by friends on other boards, and, like most boards, we still have a little work to do on director involvement.

Things are changing! More help is on the way for our leader, which allows him to do what he really enjoys… meeting donors.  A good deal of the administrative work will now be done by the college’s communications team. That still leaves handing out responsibilities to us directors. Patience, that too will develop and grow. Which leads me to today’s topic: FUNDRAISING!

There are a few major projects in the works to benefit our students. The improvement of the website to clarify what our foundation does and what services are available to our kids: Our new Sandbox program that fosters entrepreneurial involvement of our students in contributing solutions to the real-life challenges of the college.  And now a strong focus on a major and exciting capitol campaign to revamp and modernize our library. Attached here are some ways we can raise the funds and give a little back to our donors.


JAC’s graduates have been going on to great universities for decades, but did you know that our local corporate community seeks them out for their internship programs and that a great many of them get hired? This professional stock of students are often found in our library, using the resources available to them there. This is where we see a great opportunity to give more to our students and to the communities we serve.

If you are interested in more information on this and other projects and services our Foundation organizes for our students, or should you wish to donate to this cause, here are some of the ways:

You can visit our website @ .


You can reach out to one of the nicest people you would ever want to talk to, our Executive Director, Barth Gillan.

CONTACT US:  21275 Lakeshore Road, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC  H9X 3L9
Telephone:  (514) 457-6610 x5393     E-mail:

PS: There’s also our annual golf tournament coming very soon… pls you can also ask Barth about that.

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