Dear Friends, Neighbours, & Readers,

Before I start, I have a special disclaimer to share. This isn’t advertising and Dr. Glew doesn’t know I’m doing this article. This is my personal testimonial of a team of dedicated animal care professionals that are loved by so many in our community. It is with this in mind that…

I am very happy to introduce you to the wonderful team at the Timberlea Vet Clinic in Kirkland. 

The team lead by Dr. Amanda Glew, Dr. Isabelle Cote, and Glenn MacIsaac is nothing short of amazing!

First a little history to entice you to visit their animal clinic… they renovated the old bar near the Kirkland Movie Theatres into what feels more like a country ski lodge for animals. Saying it’s warm and welcoming just doesn’t cut it.

I’ve had the privilege of sitting in the waiting area and witness how the team interacts with the clients and more importantly, how the pets act when they get there. I’m no expert on the subject, but they don’t seem very stressed to me. They look and act happy to be there! Last week this guy came in with a puppy Irish Wolf Hound. If you don’t know what that is, it’s almost a small horse! Thank goodness it was a puppy, as it was already enormous. This giant puppy was happily saying hello to everyone and when it got a big hello from the vet, it made a squeak of pleasure. I don’t know about you, but that is the kind of loving place where I want my pets to be care for. 

I then met a guy in the back with a playful kitten, seemingly happy to walk all over her master, literally. 

I met other puppies at the clinic on my visits and most were a lot like my daughter in a toy store, simply happy to see so much fun stuff! Yes, the shelves are filled with pet toys and treats! 

The staff is very special here. The team shows their love and are always ready to share a happy anecdote about a patient they cared for. At times, the place is a chaos of activity and the lovely ladies at the counter handle it all with love and grace. The technicians and vets seem to always be smiling and the whole place is a passion of love for the profession they practice and both the patients and people they take excellent care for. 

On top of all this, this clinic does a variety of community contributions and events, they take part in several fundraising causes, and they are a strong pillar of this community. 

In a nutshell, if you need a vet, you will be very well served by the team at The Timberlea Vet Clinic.

So go for a visit and or check them out on these:

Radio: Pet Talk with Dr. Amanda Glew on CJAD with Barry Morgan

Facebook &  Dr. Amanda’s Blog

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