Candy – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

I'm not sure what inspired this simple cat. Perhaps it's those moments when you cat wakes up and does their weird stretch. that feels like they are actually scrunching up their whole body and pushing their spines upward. I'm thinking the original impetus for this one disappeared when I started to enjoy the colour play … Continue reading Candy – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023


Yellow Cat – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

We have a Persian cat named Cinnamon; she's light toffee coloured and very, very fluffy. She's actually quite tiny, but looks much larger... in a nutshell, she's mostly hair. That's what I hopped to capture here: a massive lightness! I feel the canary yellow delivered the lightness and putting it against the blue background, without … Continue reading Yellow Cat – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Strolling – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

There is only one cat in my neighbourhood that is allowed out on the loose and he is mostly hyper alert when I see him. The other day, it was early. in the morning and everything was quiet and calm; I saw him strolling across the parking. lot without a care in the world, enjoying … Continue reading Strolling – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Ghost Cat – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Sometimes being silly for the sake of joy is all it's about. I imagine this little guy floating about saying "Me-ooooooo" to anything and anyone he encounters and I get a big smile on my face. Aesthetically, my goal was to play with the complimentary colour pairs, but with a slight twist; instead of orange, … Continue reading Ghost Cat – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Cat in Passing – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Inspired by the weird, squarish cows I've been drawing, I wondered what other animals I could square-up. hen I did the initial outlines in graphite, I didn't think my face was big enough to allow an adequate expression, but it turned out differently; the face looks somewhat disappointed. As if it is asking: "Really? Is … Continue reading Cat in Passing – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Trepidation – Music-book Doodles 2022

While my cats don't really make this face, I may have combined the more expressive eye-mouth combination from my puppy into the expression on this cat. The body posture however, is exactly how my cats react... If you have cats, you know: it's that moment you catch them while they have contorted themselves while cleaning … Continue reading Trepidation – Music-book Doodles 2022

Pink Cat – Music-book Doodles 2022

I love to imagine what my pets are thinking when they make all their funny facial expressions. his guy could be thinking anything: is the puppy going to leave me alone, because I'm not sure I'm okay with it either way? Did you hear something, was it food or something I should be scared of? … Continue reading Pink Cat – Music-book Doodles 2022

Cat, Now! – Music-book Doodles 2022

Hyper-vigilant of all the social trends and political attacks in this world of 250k daily datapoint attacks on the average simple soul, this cat has camouflaged itself in modern-minimalist designs to both blend-in and stand out; fully aware of the near impossibility of surviving every day without offending someone who might misconstrue its very presence … Continue reading Cat, Now! – Music-book Doodles 2022

Blue Cat – Music-book Doodles 2022

Complimentary colours! They just work! The cat is full of prideful attitude and perhaps a little confusion about its identity... it looks like a dog, just a little. The oil pastels are really fun for the blending of colours and adding natural textures to the composition... I also really enjoy. how messy they are; it … Continue reading Blue Cat – Music-book Doodles 2022

Fun Photos For Friday

Just because it's fun to be silly sometimes... Happy Friday!!! Wishing you all a great weekend!