Dear Friends, Neighbours, & Readers,

Every now and then you come across a business professional who runs their businesses with pure passion and a very clear “WHY”. These kinds of businesses are the ones I love to support the most. These are also often the best stories to tell. Judge for yourself… 

I am very happy to introduce Sawsan Elkhaldi.

Sawsan’s gift of logic helps her juggle exceedingly well her many roles:

  • Product / Purchasing Manager for a printer parts company, where she also contributes expertly to the marketing campaigns
  • Heart & Soul to a small family of a pre-teen, a husband & three cats
  • Personal life coordinator for her Sisters, Parents, and her Aunt & Uncles whom live overseas
  • Master-baker (with the best chocolate cupcakes I’ve ever tasted!!!)
  • Independent consultant for a wellness product company.


Her “Why” has to do in large part with her family. However, the reason she has taken on the wellness product line and represents it so passionately, is her dream of one day opening an animal rescue centre. When she was a little girl she wanted to be a veterinarian and while circumstances may changed her path, her love of animals has never diminished and her  original goals have become a dream and a purpose.

Cinnamon, her rescued kitten

Sawsan picked Arbonne to be one path to her dream. She will be the first to tell you that she loves the products and she loves the company even more. She enthusiastically shares that the certified vegan, no animal testing, philanthropic vision, pure and beneficial quality promise, and devotion to constant improvement are what caught her attention, but it was the amazing & inspiring people at Arbonne that drove her out of her comfort zone in pursuit of doing something great. In fact, it was her excitement that won her the promotion to Area Manager in a few short months. The financial freedom she is aiming for will allow her to achieve her dream of taking care of animals and her family.

There are two other passions she often talks about with obvious love:

First, she still dreams of opening an European style coffeeshop / bakery where people feel at home, come to relax and talk about live and the world we live in, and enjoy the best baking and snacks around, as well as perfect coffee! When you catch her in the mood to talk about it, your mouth will water at what she wants to serve, and you will be wanting to go there right away to enjoy the amazing atmosphere.

Second, she dreams of helping others be well. As a practitioner of Pranic healing, a firm believer of the power of crystals & essential oils, she shares her ever growing knowledge with family & friends. And it is her clear logic combined with her enthusiasm and passion that wins the trust of those who hear her.

You couldn’t ask for a better business partner than Sawsan. She will motivate you to succeed and you will want to help her succeed to. I’m very proud of her and all she will accomplish.

You can ask her about Arbonne business opportunities & products through her website @

Now Hiring - visual ad

You can inquire about & order her baked goods, and I strongly recommend you do through her page @


And you can certainly leave your comments and questions for her here on this blog… I will make sure they get to her.

Thank you for letting me share this amazing person with you!

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