For me, this is the perfect subject for Spring. Making changes, setting goals, implementing plans, are what is predominant in what I’ve been doing this past week. So, I started this year with a big question and broke it down into achievable tasks. Now, let’s dig into my why & how to make that happen.


Law #5 – What do you want?

In Chapter 5 of TJ Hoisington’s “If YouThink You Can”.  I was challenged with a truth: “if you don’t know what you want, you are likely to wind up getting nowhere very quickly.” Interchanging a goal with a question, I get “What do I want to do?”

Five months ago, I created a vision board:

“What do I want to accomplish in 2017?”

1- Launching “The New Renaissance Mind” blog by January. DONE

2- Launch TOMA Marketing website in February. DONE & still improving.

3- Publish first edition of my Magazine in March.

4- Increase my monthly revenue $3,000 by March, $10,000 by September.

5- Las Vegas Trip – Motivational Conference in April.

6- Celebrate 50th Birthday with a trip to New York City in May.

7- Launch ‘FOUND’ – Art & Decor Shop in August.

8- Start looking for dream house in November.

9- Family Trip to Dubai in December;

I had posted it on all over social media, in hopes of attracting help, and for some sense of accountability. This was my first step in making the choice of what I wanted.

A lot changes in five months. The universe, is very good at listening to what I really want, love, & think about the most.

a) I love to read and write => GoRead came along and offered to improve my blogging.  

Note: The joy from writing has turned into a passion and the universe has sent me a few messages to pursue it… Because of this, I dropped the ad rep job on the Kirkland Neighbours magazine project and within a week was offered to write for two other magazines. Awesome! 

b) I love to teach and share knowledge => Rhapsody Strategies came along helping me improve the coaching and consulting side of TOMA Marketing.

c) I love creating with my hands => Pixel’s & Pinterest improved their sites giving me access to an even greater audience for my artwork and decor crafts.

Note: This inspired me to do a very ambitious daily feature on the creative process called: “The Creative Process: Through 500 Works Of Art”.

d) I really wanted to find my purpose in life => along comes a message about my ancestry that gives me a new perspective & objectivity. 

Hint: It may explain why I love everything Irish! 

Life is tremendous!

The law of Attraction teaches us that directing our thoughts towards what we truly want is a key for success. I believe being mindful of your strongest desires will bring them to pass. Remember the saying: “Be careful what you wish for…” This cautions us that what we think, wish, and dream for will happen, if we don’t take control of our thoughts.  In my last article , we saw more on “how” to master our thoughts, but what about the “why”? T.J. states “if you are unclear about what you want out of life, even if the opportunities arise, they will go unnoticed.

Accomplishing what we want is the goal; knowing what we want remains the road to success. So, how do you get to know what you want? You’ve heard it a million times before… “Follow Your heart”!


Here’s your challenge!

i) Make a list of all the things you love to do the most.

ii) Make a second list of goals you wish to accomplish this year.

iii) Write next to these goals the things you love to do that can be used help achieve these goals.

I believe what you will end up with is a prioritized goals list, based on your true passions. You will also have a great start for your plan of action.

So, if you are ready for the challenge, answer this question first: “If money, time, resource, or opportunity were not an obstacle, what would I chose to do?”

Now, share it with your supportive community on social media & as a comment on this article!

Wishing you a tremendous week! 


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