Part 1 – Some Drawings

I’ve been doodling and drawing since I was about 3 years old and I really wish I had kept some of the first drawing I made, if only to see if they are what I remember them to be. You see, I image that I did some amazing stuff when I was about 4… cool copies of the Flintstones and some strange renditions of Farside & BC comic strips. Let’s just leave the truth in the past and move forward…

Since drawing is where almost all my series and works start, it feel right to share some in this first part. Now, over 45 years worth of drawings and sketches have filled many sketchbooks and I’ll let some future historian decide to write a book on my mental states during the thousand and more drawings. Fort this exercise, I have chosen only 67 that I enjoy and want to share.

I will do my best to remember where I was when these were done, what might have influenced them, and what I was hoping to achieve, or any technique I was exploring.

By the way, for you artists starting out… you will read over and over agin to never write the team of the artists who influenced your work, just in case it appears as arrogance and that you are comparing yourself to a master… Screw that! I’m not comparing myself to Picasso or any of a dozen other artists I will be talking about throughout this feature. However, I am very comfortable with the knowledge that any creative greatness I may aspire to come on the shoulders of greatness before me.

So, I hope you enjoy them and are compelled to share your thoughts on them.

As with much of my work, you can get prints and merchandise on my website

More of my work can also be seen at Deviant Art & Pinterest 

Keep your eyes glued to my page for the next while as I give you a few of my favs.

New Art Logo 2015

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