Part 2 – Odd Fantasies

This is a collection of early works in the years after university. I had only taken a little art in college and it stimulated my hunger to create… I was spending a large percentage of my income on art books at the time and found a variety of unusual artists in the discount book sections. During this period, I discovered and devoured the Outsiders, Lowbrow artists, and Folk artists, as well as a variety of illustrators. This bunch of oddballs really stimulated my ideas. I was also watching lots of movies, as Blockbuster had just come into town, and music was easy to get from the library. I had lots of influences. Over the next month or so I’ll showcase some of the outcomes.

If you would like to get a jump on things you can always visit my website: Arts M. Perron and find the collection called Odd Fantasies. This is also where you can buy The Artist’s Stuff: Prints, Mugs, T-Shirts, Pillow, Shower Curtains, and other awesome stuff.

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