I had a very productive day in the sunny St-James Cemetery in Hudson, Quebec. The grounds were full of helpful ghosts willing to guide and be my muse. A small group of them were very fond of stones and lead me to these.

Do you see the ghosts helping me?

Meaningful Tribute

Awdry was very proud of her son’s sculptures and made sure I saw them on her stone, as she beamed her pride.

Meaninful Tribute

Where Have You Been, Mary Ann?

A few ghosts pulled me to this stone. Some to tell me is wasn’t supposed to be here, others to explain it came from far away. One sat next to it pleading for an answer to his question. I’m not sure if he was looking for her or asking for the long story that must have brought this 130-year-old grave to rest here at St-James.

Where Have You Been, Mary Ann

The Spotlight Is On You, Luther.

This ghosts danced in and out of the light, tempting the sun to shine its spotlight on it.

The Spotlight Is On You, Luther

The ghost was very old, back hunched, and filled with disappointment. It brought me to these last three spots and complained endlessly of the lack of maintenance of the stones, asking why the groundskeepers didn’t understand their significance, and finally expressing in great sighs prophetic wisdom about where we all end up.

On The Cairns

On The Cairns

Corruption Of The Cairns

Corruption on the Cairns

In The End, There Are Only Words On The Stones

At The End, There Are Only Words On The Stone

I hope this didn’t creep you out too much… well, maybe I hope it did, but just a little.

Happy Friday and wishing you a great weekend!

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