Helping The Kids Of Club Zone


The mission of Club Zone is to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and, develop confidence and skills for life.

We contribute to an improved quality of life for young people through a wide range of programs. These programs are often educational, nutritional, developmental, motivational, and social. We focus on positive values and asset-building in our programming. Our values include a wide range of social competencies, personal identity, belonging, and community participation. Our team of animators and volunteers come from a wide range of professions and share the singular goal of providing skills and support that these kids will use throughout their lives.

Some of the activities we offer include arts and crafts, leadership committee, study Club, board game and video game tournaments, dance classes, Chess Masters Club, Toastmasters Night, open gym, and much, much more. We are also equipped with ping pong and air hockey, and it’s our location in Lakeside Academy High School which gives the youths the opportunity to engage in a variety of indoor & outdoor sports (including football, tennis, soccer, dodgeball, soccer baseball, etc).

We also plan an extensive summer program and are in the planning stages for Club Zone Jr. for the elementary kids in the area.

Club Zone of Lachne is a non-profit Organization, so please help support and grow our programs.

The funds we raise are needed to cover:

* Meals for Growing Minds & Bodies.
Many of our kids aren’t eating 3 meals a day, so we provide them with a nutritional and delicious hot meal for dinner.

*Specialists for our dance, martial arts, culinary arts, etc.
We pick people with a passion for what their vocation and they love to share it with kids. The result is that our kids will know they have options for their future.

* Field trips and Summer Programs. 
We partner with the best Summer camp programs to offer opportunities our kids may never have had before.

*The Facilities for Growth.
While we have partnered with the City of Lachine & Lakeside Academy High School for our facilities, we are already close to full capacity for our space and will need to rent more space from the school. Space is available and our membership continues to grow, now we need to make sure we have the funds to make it all happen.

We will be stepping up our fundraising events from all sides to give our kids more opportunities to participate because we know that is a key to building them a stronger community. Will you help us as our goals grow with our organization?

You will be able to find more information on our activities and successes on our facebook page @  and please contact us there, we are always looking for motivated volunteers and useful materials to improve our center.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help.

Link: Helping The Kids Of Club Zone

Sincerely yours,

Mario MJ Perron
Executive Director


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