Part 14 – Photographic Memories

Taking pictures has become a wonderful source of inspiration. It fuels my creativity and allows me to capture images and thoughts in a way I can’t from drawing. The pictures often get translated into many of my paintings in very subtle ways.They gift me with different & multiple perspectives of the world.

Over the last several years, I’ve collected images I was sure would evolve into much more than what I originally saw. I was searching for inspirations and found muses that pushed many drawings, influenced many color choices, and found their way into paintings in ways I didn’t always recognize right away.

What follows is a quick taste of some of the original images. There are hundreds more and I am currently organizing them for a book, or maybe even several books. I may soon be posting a new series of photographic abstracts on everyday objects on my site Arts M.Perron, so please visit it often.

I’m contemplating a special feature on my blog, once I’ve finished the organizing. However, as with such things that take time, new images are calling to be captured and the camera is once again filling with new inspirations to play with.

Feel free to dig deeper into my inspirations, influences, and expressions at the following sites: Patreon, Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, ViewBug, Ello, Twitter, Facebook, Alignable, & DeviantArt.



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