For the past month, I have had the immense privilege of helping some amazing kids while growing the programs at Club Zone De Lachine.

This has been one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve ever embarked on and I’m really enjoying it. I have to say, it’s the kids that got to me. They are awesome! In this ever-growing group, we have budding artists, scientist, singers, engineers, inventors, chefs, and so much more. All the more amazing is that many of them have just discovered these passions through our new programs.

Thanks to our amazing team of animators: Gat, Zoe, Robert, Dawn, Adam, & Maryssa, the kids have a safe and enjoyable place to come every day between 3h30 & 8pm.

Thanks to our ever-expanding team of devoted volunteers, our kids are discovering tastes, interests, and passions they never knew were possible.

A special thank you to Atena, Mat, Nat B., Nathalie M., Richard, Melissa F., Leonard, Melissa M., Anthony, Cat, and the army of inspirers who will be doing my Ted talks in The Pro Zone.

You can see updates on everything we do on our facebook page:

It all starts with a belief that anything is possible, and we move forward from there.

You can help is many ways, including donations and volunteering. See a partial list at the end of this post.

Here’s a little peek at some of what we have going, so far, and what’s in development to start soon.


1 – Abada Capoeira – The Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts of Freedom

2 – Tasting the World with Chef Atena: She comes in to cook a healthy gourmet meal and show the kids’ kitchen skills.



1 – Mr. Gat’s RAP Zone – An Exploration of Rhythmic American Poetry: literacy, history, and music all wrapped into this enjoyable teaching activity.

2 – Teen Talk – Empowering through Public Speaking Skills


1 – Kahoot Trivia Night – Fun learning games using trivia

2 – The Graffiti Zone – Creative expression letters and images

3 – The Pro Zone – A Ted Talk type set-up with a Q&A from successful people, professionals, graduates, teachers, etc.


1 – Tasting the World with Chef Atena: She comes in to cook a healthy gourmet meal and show the kids’ kitchen skills.

2 – Open Gym Night: Free Play zone for basketball & soccer

3 – Flash Fitness Warm-ups  – A pro-trainer gives warm-ups to prevent injuries during play.

4 – Dungeons & Dragons Nights with Dungeon Master AdMack – Adventures in role playing

5 – The Friend Zone – Outreach to kids in need regarding our activities.


1 – Cat’s CZ-Potter Zone – Activities build around the Harry Potter books & movies

2 – Karaoke Nights  – A friendly competition

3 – Friday Night Movies – Sci-Fi, Animation, and loads of fun with Adam & Dawn.


In development:

A – Ping Pong Tournament

B – Just Dance Tournament

C – Storytellers Club (Part of our Literacy Initiative)

D – Arts & Crafts (focus on found object sculpture – using recycling)

E – The Training Zone  – Proper weight training techniques, safety, & hygiene.

F – Mindfulness – Vision boarding, Goal Setting, Positivity Mindset, & Critical Thinking

G – Soccer & Basketball coaching

H – Literacy programs (many and for diverse needs)

I – Outreach to Francophone community – a fun & safe place to learn & practice English and make new friends

J – Engineering Club – Building, robotics, and much more fun than imaginable!

K – Construction Zone – Trade & Safety skills training for our 16 & 17-year-olds

L – Math Wizards (Possibly using Khan Academy)

M – Family Zone – Outreach to involve the whole family.

N – The Game Room – Eventual space dedicated to ping pong, foosball, pool table, etc.

O – The Study Zone – A quiet space to study and ask for help from volunteers.

P – The Green Thumbs – How to grow herbs and vegetables at home.

And more to come.

NB: Please share your ideas. I start with anything is possible and work forward from there.

How you can help:

Cash Donations:

or mail to Club Zone De Lachine, 5050 Sherbrooke, Lachine, Qc, H8T 1H8

Item Donations: books (all sorts), kitchen items (cutlery, plates, cups, pots, pans, electric appliances, shelves, storage bins), arts & crafts (paints, clay, paper, pencils, markers, glue, etc…), laptops or tablets, digital cameras, etc…

Professional Help: Grant Writers, Legal advice (specializing in non-profits and school boards), Medical & Dental (free clinics), etc…

Prizes for the kids: Any teen-friendly gifts or gift certificates will be used during our friendly games as prizes.

Ideas: We welcome ideas for events and activities that our kids can benefit from, especially if you can help us fund and/or find funding for them.

Volunteering: Our goal is to offer our kids as many opportunities as possible, so if you have a passion you’d love to share with them, please let us know.

You can reach us at





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