I Touched Your Face And Sighed

Early this morning

You lay by my side

Your sleep I disturbed

In your dreams, I did glide

On rivers of worry

Through rapids of fears

I reached to comfort you

And shared happy tears

Of love for you deeply

My heart cannot hide

When I touched your face and I sighed.

Early this morning

You filled up my mind

My arms felt so empty

Where’s my strength to find

For patience, your absence

Is the surviving of drought

My heart sings a symphony

For you, so do not doubt

My thoughts, always on you

My love, always strong

You are my life’s love

Never could this be wrong.

Early this morning

As you slept at my side

My emotions overwhelmed me

An unexpected tide.

Others may doubt me,

They are misled.

I love you so much,

You are my heart, my head

Of this I will tell them,

To prove I’ve not lied,

Of the tale of when,

I touched your face and I sighed.

Originally written Nov 27th, 1997

Notes: I’m trying to remember what I was reading to get me to write ‘love’ poems, but I think it was perhaps a baser impulse. Regardless, its both fun and a little embarrassing to read these. It’s fun to have written them and kept them.

From my Madrid files on the Pub Storytellers nights. Where an eclectic group of expats, troubadours, and assorted, sodden wordsmiths gathered twice a week to share a few pints, tell many tall tales, and lessen our loneliness at our favorite Irish Pub in Madrid, Spain, back in 1997-98. I kept my scribbles from these nights and the poems that grew out of the stories I told. This is the first time I’ve ever published these. I hope you enjoy them.





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