“The Surprise Of A Meaningful Career Choice.” or “Good Friday, Indeed!”

Yesterday felt like an affirmation of a lifetime of learning and career choices put into action.

First, the power of gratitude is AWESOME!

I’ve been fostering friendships with many local respectables for years. Often struggling to find opportunities to help them and thank them for all they do for our community and city. Recently, a FB friend, Christine Long of CTV started a conversation asking if I knew of any “Good News” she could do a report and/or feature on. Well, I did and was overjoyed to share it with her. I told her about a non-profit youth club in Lachine that focuses on giving the kids opportunities to grow, explore, and enjoy learning new things. A group dedicated to nurturing self-expression through imagination, self-esteem through involvement, and respect through sharing. This organization is called Club Zone de Lachine.

Following our first conversation, Christine offered to visit and talk to the kids. She turned this into a live TV broadcast and our kids, animators, and volunteers loved it! Here’s the clip:  Lachine’s Club Zone is face-to-face, not Facebook.

As an extra bonus, Christine & Fred (her awesome cameraman) had fun meeting our awesome kids, and the kids welcomed them enthusiastically!

Second, the power of faith is deeply gratifying!

As the director of the centre, I find my attention often fractured in many directions while orchestrating what I love to call beautiful chaos. I have always believed that when you give other the possibility to take responsibility, they most often take it and reward your faith with great results. This is how I feel about my animators and volunteers. Each of them are given the freedom to build, create, and manage their activities. They often take on much more and have built awesome communications between each other and the kids. I imagine our beautiful chaos may not be seen as a well oiled machine by some, but it is a success in my view. Everyone feels comfortable to be themselves and express who they are. Our amazing kids create the more gorgeous cacophony of personalities, each taking is place in the Club Zone chorus of  future leaders of the world.

Third, allowing diversity to flourish is heartwarming!

We love our kids at Club Zone. They shine with personality, intelligence, and humour. These amazing kids don’t come from affluence and yet they radiate a richness of character that is nothing short of inspiring! I love our animators and volunteers. Each one brings the special uniqueness of their hearts, minds, souls, and personalities to the act of sharing their passions with the kids. In my opinion, this is the success key to the impact they have on our kids. You can often see it in the hugs they kids give them and in the amount of trust the kids give them in talking about their unique experiences and challenges.

Finally, believing that everything starts with “It’s possible” and we just move forward from there has proven the law of attraction to me.

We are a non-profit youth centre for kids in need. We have a limited budget graciously donated from a combination of government sources and amazing charity groups like Kiwanis Lakeshore. We are blessed with the time, passion, skills, and love donated our awesome volunteers. We are always welcoming new volunteers to share their passions with the kids, and we gratefully accept any and donations of items the kids can use in their activities, as well as all money donations you care to give at Helping The Kids of Club Zone.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us, to those who lovingly continue to help, and to all of the help yet to come. We all thank you!




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