Part 17 – Landscapes

These are fantasy worlds, places to find peace and serenity, or whatever floats your boat.

For years I’ve been making landscapes as backgrounds for seemingly unrelated items and figures to sit in. Always loving that the landscape represented the freedom of imagination to go on journeys of its own. I wanted the viewers to let go and wander into the vistas, to find their own stories in the backdrops. 

All my paintings are strongly influenced by the imagery I found in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction novels I loved in my teens. I am in love with the endless landscapes described in the horror fiction novels of H.P. Lovecraft and the Mars suite of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. These are perhaps the most influential. 

In this collection, I went both small and big. Although, I would still very much like to go much, much bigger. I’d love to make a canvas that is at least 20 feel long and 10 feet high! A funny realization occurred to me as I was making small canvases; they’re just as much work as the bigger ones! I was simply using smaller brushes and perhaps less paint, but my technique remained the same, so the time to make each also remained the same. With my dwindling eyesight, I think I’ll stick to bigger canvases so I don’t have to wear my glasses! 

In reviewing the many, many paintings and drawing I had to share with you, I realized the whimsy I see in some of the works might come from Gary Larson’s Far Side comics and the cinematic creepiness from my passion for the Silver Screen era for monster movies. Those old black & white films played with light and pushed my imagination to greater highs and joys. 

I hope you enjoy this selection and invite you to see all my works, from those that inspired these to the images inspired in turn by these at Arts. M. Perron.


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