I don’t know about you, but I feel I’ve been looking for myself all my life! I figure the biggest challenge is that I am really uncertain about what I am looking for. So, I’ll just continue looking, and…


By my count I’ve been toying with art for over 40 years and intermittently connecting with the identity of artist. The truth is being creative brings me more joy and contentment than anything else. I just love creating stuff! I love the way I feel when my imagination runs wild and the most amazing things come to mind. I feel bliss when this happens. I really love this feeling.

For years I’ve dreamt of owning my own art gallery / decor boutique. Mainly filling it with items I get a kick out of, things I define as beautiful & unique, things made by my own hands and from the fertile imaginations of others. recently (relatively speaking… about 10 years now), I’ve fallen in love with the idea of using found objects and repurposing previously loved items to make new objects of beauty.

I’ve heard myself exclaim the words “Look What I Found” to many people and then fall short in my explanation of what I want to do with it, when confronted with my vision not being shared. Oh, well, we eventually learn to follow the beat of our own drums, don’t we? As those who follow me regularly across the ‘interweb’ know, I’m all over the place and do all sorts of often disconnected stuff. I admit, part of me likes the chaos of it. It fights the boredom I feel at doing only one thing for too long. So, I keep on trying new things and enjoying what I learn in the process.

I’m not sure if I’ve found what I’m looking for yet, but I have found a new way of expressing myself. It will be through bespoke, refurbished, & up-cycled items discarded by our consumeristic habits. Please keep an eye open for some coming designs of #ReLoved” furniture and design items.

I hope to start posting before and after pictures here on the blog, and posting for sale the items on my Etsy Shop.

ps: All this pre-ramble started with wanting to ask you all what you thought of my logo my newest business: “FOUND” by Arts M.Perron. ” Where you don’t need to lose your wallet to find great design”



2 thoughts on “What we find when finding ourselves

  1. Love the logo! It’s like the cover of a fancy collectors magazine! The collection of items is great too look at too! Esp the small vase. Where is that from?


    1. Thank you so much! I’m not sure where it’s from, actually.
      I will most likely keep the layout of the banner as it is and occasionally chance the images and website link.
      These three items where from a stock image online. I found no name of photographer to attribute it too.

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