A Very Happy Birthday To My Amazing Wife!!!

It’s one of those big years for my awesome wife and I really wanted to do something special, but Sawsan isn’t always the easiest person to surprise, nor does she like being the centre of attention. I had a bit of a rough patch figuring out what she wanted most. Thankfully, all her friends and family wanted to do something special too. So, the brainstorming, discussions, and ideas flew wildly in only what I can describe as “The Sawsan Love Storm”!

Instead of getting overwhelmed, we all decided to work together and combine each of our little pieces of what we feel make Sawsan so very special. As I became the coordinator of all these loving ideas and a theme was agreed upon. Very few hiccups occurred and the enthusiasm and excitement just kept building. Every day I had a chance to be amazed and grateful for how much all of Sawsan’s friends and family adore her.

Thank you to all of you amazing people who are helping me make this day something special. You are all part of Sawsan and she is part of you. You all made it special for her, by letting me know that to each of you, Sawsan is like no one else and she gives you something very uniquely her.

Happy Birthday, my dear Sawsan, my wife, my best friend, my angel.


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