To Rest or Not To Rest, That is The Question…

I’m about to start a new job and the time commitment is what really has me concerned. To be honest, time to get everything done is always my chief concern. I’ve learned that just diving in and doing it, gets it done well. It’s the starting that gets tricky.

Maybe it’s my bastard inner-voice (aka my ego) kicking in again and mucking up my confidence. Maybe it’s my awareness that there really is a limited amount of time to do everything and I must recognize my physical limits. Either way, the question of where will I be able to find time to rest always pops into my head.

I’ve had the chance to talk it out with my guiding angel (ie: my wife) and realized this new 40 hour a week commitment will only be an adjustment and I will still be able to continue my love/hate relationship with my bottomless To Do list. AND, I will have plenty of time to do it in the new schedule by simply eliminating much of the dilly-dalying (and some TV time at night.)

Now I see clearly the opportunities of my new job commitment and send out into the universe the intension and desire for it to open all the doors needed for my current and yet to have dreams to come true. It’s in God’s hands and in God’s time. All is in the Good Orderly Direction again. Time to let it go and allow it to come to be.

Ahhhhh, rest.


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