Ask for a thing with inner beauty and it comes right to your door… almost!

I was searching through images on Pinterest and wishing someone would deliver to me a really interesting piece that I could possibly use for the entrance of my house to store coats, shoes, hats, etc… I couldn’t see it clearly, because my mind was focused on a rustic wardrobe. Something inside told me that wasn’t coming, because I really didn’t want that country look. I wanted something with a more classic design and post-art-deco style.

Lo and behold what gets dropped on my driveway!

The Old Commode 4

Well almost dropped on my driveway. It was a few driveways away. It had a “PLEASE TAKE ME” sign on it, so I did! I almost didn’t!

It looked in need of lots of love, requires a bit of repairing the veneers, and the thing was buried in still occupied spiderwebs! That was almost enough to turn me away. I actually drove and walked by it about eight times, before roping my creeped-out wife and daughter into helping me bring it home. After many promises of cleaning off the current residents of the piece before bringing it into my workshop, of course.

I washed it completely with disinfectant and prepped it for sanding. Taking it apart and evaluating what hardware needs replacing. You’ll have to wait for that in the next part of this saga. For now, this is what I’m starting with.

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