Art Deco – ish?

I’m starting to think one of the funnest parts of doing all this furniture refinishing is hearing my wife toll me with each new piece I pick up that she’s impressed I can see beyond the mess the piece is in when I grab it. In truth, I don’t blame her for thinking I’m completely nuts with some of the pieces I grab. I admit that I geek-out on this stuff and have yet to find anyone else who gets as excited as I do.

Take this drab old dresser for example. I just couldn’t pass up on it when I saw the curved front and Amber Bakelite handles. Bakelite handles, folks!!!! Have you ever seen anything like that before. As a bonus they are all in excellent condition and only need to be washed with dish soap. I’m not sure if they will end up on this dresser when I’m finished with it, but they are an amazing addition to my collection of old handles and will find a funky new life somewhere.

I has to use a little javex water on this one to try and remove some more mysterious stains and burn marks (Inside the drawers! WEIRD!!!) I got it clean enough to move onto my next phase in transforming it and giving it a new life. You”l have to wait until part 2 for that.


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