A.K.A. Amal’s Funky Cabinet In The Spare Room

This was one of the first pieces that got me inspired to do this new obsession of refurbishing old furniture. It came as part of a whole mid-century modern design bedroom set. (I saved a couple more of the pieces.)

This is how it started, before I went to work on it.

Amal's Credenza before

I little worst for the wear, but very well made and with beautiful lines and beautiful wood grain. It’s taken me a while to post it, because I have been experimenting slowly with it. Painting and sanding off the paint takes time, you know?

This piece amazed me with how bright the wood gets once we remove the nasty old varnished that were used when it was made back in the 1950’s. The inside remained too dark for my taste so I added the splash of colour you see here.

I couldn’t find the shelve supports anywhere, it seems the standard size has changed. So, I got impatient and made my own supports out of wood. I might still fo a little something more to the glass, as I feel it needs a tiny little touch. I might add a piece of lead caning, similar to what we see in stained glass windows. I’m thinking about it.

It’s been a fun piece to work on. Now to find it a good home… wink, wink…

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