Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover, or something like that!

As expected, the main cabinet is veneered panels. There seems to be pine and cedar in the construction. The whole thing, once sanded smelled like a cedar closet. Amazing. The drawers were beautifully jointed and in great condition, despite the weird stains and burns inside them. (What happened there, I wonder ?!?!?!?)

The thick varnish on it was really gummy and I killed quite a few sanding pads to get it all off. I know chemicals would have been an easier first step, but I’m in love with my orbital sander. I know, I’m a geek! What can I say? I just love this kinda work!

As usual, while cleaning it up for refinishing the ideas start to pour in and I make decisions on what will get painted, stained, or waxed. You can get a hint here from the sides that I didn’t sand completely. I have a few colour option I’m playing with, so we shall see what the finished product will look like. I’ll be on that as soon as possible for you, so please stay tuned!

Until then, here’s a closer look at it as it is mid-transformation.

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