The Process Can Be Longer Than We Expected…

A few days ago I shared with you the origins and sorry starting state of this old commode.

The Old Commode before

It took much longer to sand off the thick and oddly gummy varnishes seemingly poured all over it. I don’t know what kind of varnish was used, only that it gummed up far more sanding pads than usual and I had to use a bigger sander to get it all off, before smoothing it all out with my trusty orbital sander. I feel it was worth the effort and busing in both my hands after hours of power sanding. Just take a look at how nice the side panel looks:

the old commode d-2



Well, maybe not so great in this picture, but trust me it’s beautiful. I had to rush everything into my garage to avoid some rain.




This front shot might give a better idea:the old commode d-3






Anyway, the process continues… now onto the painting and finishing phase. What you don’t see here, it the damage on the bottom of the panels. I chose to sand it smooth and will use finishing wax to show some age on the piece. The inside will need to be a bright colour. I haven’t decided if I’ll return the mirror to it’s place in the tall door, or refinish both doors with a wire mesh. I can’t wait to see what the muses inspire me to do…

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