The Challenge of Improving on Such Beauty

A Challenging Shelf

As soon as I saw this Mid-Century book shelf, I knew I had to have it. At first, the ideas of colour schemes, stains, waxes, paintings, polishings, sanding, etc, etc, etc… All flew through my head with excitement as I drove it home and placed it carefully in my already packed workshop.

I quickly fell in love with it and so did my wife. She had her own ideas for it too, which clouded mine even more into a stew of too many ideas and only one beautifully made piece to put them on.


I brought it out of my workshop and into our TV room, where I could look at it every night. I quickly had to turn it around, because even more ideas poured into the stew. And there it sat for a couple of weeks. It’s face turned from me, as if sulking in frustration that I couldn’t decide how to love it. We decided to leave it as is right now and use it in my wife’s ever changing office space, until I can get my mind around how best to refinish it.

In the better light of her office, I see more of the age marks on it and hear more clearly where it needs love and I already feel like some ideas are getting clearer. I may take my time on this one and just see what it needs the most in time.

For now, I have many pieces on the go, so we shall see. I really love this piece.


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