The Simple Things In Life Are Sometimes The Most Beautiful

You first got a glimpse of these in my article called The Joy Of New Projects. They had a golden varnish on them and were much darker in feel to what we see here today.

The Minimalist Modern Trio 1

Of course, my wife has fallen in love with these too. Apparently, she’s a leg person, as she finds the legs “sooooo cute!!!!” I’ll make sure to glue them all properly and do an exceptional job painting them. My vision for these is a little more… well, let’s say it’s asymetrical.  I’m really loving the retro-futuristic feel of these pieces and I feel I can take them to another level of contrast.

They all come with clear glass tops and I’m playing with the idea of replacing the glass with mirrors, metallic tiles, or some form of stained glass. Right now I’m playing with two colours for each piece: lichen green and a canary yellow. Let’s see where these get to… soon, I hope.

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