I’m Getting There. I’m Getting There. I’m Getting There…

This past few months have felt the busiest in recent memory and I often feel that my “To Do” list just keeps getting longer and longer. Every new project, activity, request is filled with blessings that I am so very grateful for, and yet I still feel a little overwhelmed and in need of a good disconnecting vacation.

I’m getting there.

Downsizing my parents home, my wife’s Aunt’s home, and rebuilding the landscaping around my house with bricks from the neighbour’s old uni-stone driveway have all been taxing on me physically and became emotionally charged when I realized that I just don’t have the energy of a 21 year old anymore. The blessings are in the fact that I inherited so much beautiful materials to work with and turn into even more beautiful creations for my home and for my new start-up: Found – The Repurposed Design Company.

I’m getting there.

Another stress factor of all this is time constraints. Well, financial and time constraints. I’ve taken a relatively stress-free job that is close to home, pays a little much needed extra cash, and allows me to learn tips and techniques I can use. However, it takes up close to 60 hours of my week and I’m on moving shifts, so it’s a challenge to plan time to do specific things. I was used to having time to get my stuff done and doing all that I needed for home and family. Well, I’ll adapt!

I’m getting there.

The impetus for taking this job was financial as well as to fulfil an emotional need to interact with people again. The second, or perhaps more important goal was to pad the pocket book for my desire to return to university and get my teaching permit. I’m applying for a Master’s of Education and / or a B.F.A. in Art Education. Blame this one on my Awesome Sisters, who patiently have been trying to inspire me for years to get back into teaching by reminding me how good I am at it and how much I love doing it. So, dear followers and fans, I will probably be writing about this experience here as well, as this too is another journey I feel compelled to share.

I’m getting there.

In the meantime, I’m still doing the furniture at Found, and I really, really, really, want to sell off all my artwork from Arts M.Perron. It’s time to start a new chapter in that part of my life as well. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do that without killing the value I want to own for my work. I’m open to suggestions (AND PURCHASES, OF COURSE).

I’m getting There…

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