622 Days Into This Obsession, And…

I started this little adventure in writing a little under two years ago with an article titled: What I Want – 30 days to Clearly Defining It. I just re-read it and I am not sure I can list all the changes that have come since I started my blog.


I can tell you that I went overboard on some things such as learning how to use loads of social media outlets, posting my eyes out on them and then learning the truth about what that does to my SEO rankings. Well, I’m happy to say of the FOURTY-SEVEN different social media platforms I’ve had accounts on, I’m back down to about EIGHT now, and really only focus on the big five: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, & LinkedIn. And if I’m fully honest, I’ve lost much interest in the ever changing rules at Facebook, so I don’t check up on the automated posting I now use with Ripl. LinkedIn is my fav and has been the most rewarding for all my businesses.

I’ve ventured in and out of several start-ups, added tones of information to other people’s companies and growth through my consulting business, and found my way back to my creative passions and a desire to teach. Yup, I’m applying to return to University and get another degree in teaching. My target is a Masters and I have a specific focus in mind for my thesis already. So please send me all your positive vibes for success on getting accepted into the programs.

There have been many ups, and a few downs. The end result is I still daily feel that I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up! Thank goodness I found The Putty Tribe of Multipotentialites like me to let me know I’m not alone in never wanting to be just one thing! I do have many days lately where I wish I would just be there already and have no more competing wants. oh, well. Life remains interesting and never dull this way!

I am doing exactly what I have resisted for almost two decades; I’ve come back to my starting point, or should I say the point where I feel things got off track. I’m working in retail to grab some extra cash for my return to school. I’m building quite a big inventory of new creative works and will need to sell them, at least to make room for more projects. And, the icing on the cake is that I now feel like I am making the decisions better than back when… You know what I mean. You know how you feel when you chide yourself with the judgement: “If only I knew then what I know now…” Well, I know it now and I’m making the decision to change.

There will be more to come on this for sure. Feel free to comment and add your two cents.

ps: I usually love that!


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