The Perfect Mid-Century Must Have!

The angels who donated this piece to the cause were the sweetest father and son team I’ve met to date. Both named Ronald, both as Scottish as can be imagined, and by this I mean they were both larger than life! Ronald senior added a level of joy to this piece with his repeated jokes and jibes as I and Ron Jr. lifted this very heavy piece out of the house and into the truck. The piece belonged to a master metalsmith. A machinist and teacher of many masters. His workshop was filled with hand-made treasures and tools; all loved and cherished by his pride filled son, who followed his master father in his vocation.

I do believe I will ave to call this piece Ronald’s Cabinet.

Solid hardwood, most likely walnut, obviously made by some master cabinetmaker, judging by the perfect joinery and how beautifully all the doors and windows slide after all the years in this home. I promise to find it a loving home when I’m finished bringing a new life to it.

I can’t wait to sand and clean it, to get a sense of the new finishes it will ask me for. I have a feeling a bright turquoise might be what it needs. We will have to wait a little longer and see.

Please give me a hand and donate to the new workshop and follow my new site for all this wonderment at Found – The Repurposed Design Company.

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