Imagine The Travels This Truck Has Taken…

Considering the humour and wit of the donor of this amazing find, I can well imagine it’s seen quite a bit. The world, in fact. What can I do with such a storied piece that will allow it to see so much more?

At first thought, I imagined a liquor cabinet, standing on it’s end, the hinges & hardware cleaned and polished, the inside painted in a bright, glossy white, or better yet, a glossy, metallic black. Maybe a metallic red! The outside gently cleaned and waxed, to keep the old patinas.

I’ll add a shelf and some LED lights inside too, so the best liquor bottles can be back-lit. Now I see it! The amber of the whisky, the iridescence of the gin, the glow of Limoncello, and the crystal waves of the vodka bottles.

The whole cabinet raised to the appropriate height on tapered legs, giving this ancient sea-trunk a mid-century twist.

This will be fun. I’m hoping to get to it as soon as possible. I just need time and space. That’s where you come in.  Please give me a hand and donate to the new workshop and follow my new site for all this wonderment at Found – The Repurposed Design Company.

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