What The Hell Is Coming Out Of The Centre Of This Tree?!?

There's a skull-like face, with big hollow, black eyes. It seems to be extending an arm out and pointing out into the forest. The shadows cast upon this tree also look like figures dancing on the bark. These visions quickly disappear the closer one gets to the tree, but from afar, the imagination runs wild! … Continue reading What The Hell Is Coming Out Of The Centre Of This Tree?!?


What's hiding in the shadowy hole of this dead tree? Could it be the woodpecker that bored the holes we see all over its body? Maybe. I only glimpsed the movement of the shadow out of the corner of my eye. It remained still while I looked straight at it. Prints & more available at … Continue reading Peek-a-boo

New Arrival to Death

Take a moment and observe all the colours and textures of this composition. Mother Nature painted this. She filed it with reminders of the wonderful life all around us. She reminds us to stop and take a moment. This leaf with it's mottled green and yellow surface drew me in and I'm so glad it … Continue reading New Arrival to Death

The Magic Forest of Morgan Arboretum

The water was so still that it became a mirror. We only noticed the water when we were a few feet away. The reflections of the forest made it look like the trees were all over the area. It was a strange moment of realizing we were surrounded by the abundance of life in this … Continue reading The Magic Forest of Morgan Arboretum

An Abandoned Faerie Ring

The forest floor is filled with decaying trees, trunks, and mushrooms... they are often in rings and I love to imagine these to be faerie rings. The further along with the decay, like in this one, I wonder where they went. The more I learn about botany, the harder it becomes to see these as … Continue reading An Abandoned Faerie Ring

Whoops! …forgot to empty the basket!

Can you imagine some of the strangest jobs in history? The executioner job seems really creepy, but what about the guys who had to clean up after the executioner? Guillotine maintenance specialist??? I imagine the description being something along the lines of... keep the pullies well oiled, keep the wood clean and waxed, keep the … Continue reading Whoops! …forgot to empty the basket!

… Just putting on my face.

The grumpy old thespian slowly transformed into a zombie-like actor as I added more layers of Conte and graphite... The zombie feel came to me as I drew the eyes almost completely rolled up in their sockets and then the white cake makeup transformed it into something even more frightening than a zombie thespian. Well, … Continue reading … Just putting on my face.

The Ruffian

Somewhere in my subconscious mind lives all the characters from the original Bugs Bunny cartoons. The enforcer following the tiny gangster comes to mind here. I believe it was in a Sylvester & Tweety episode where Tweety was kidnapped by a Capone-ish gangster. The more I think about it, the more I remember that there's … Continue reading The Ruffian

The Root & Foot of the Issue

I'm starting to wonder if I'm obsessed with tree trunks and why that might be? Sure, I love everything Wabi-Sabi: the colours, subtle tones, textures, naturally occurring patterns... all making the work unique and impossible to reproduce (easily). But, why all these gnarly stumps? There was a time that I thought I was looking for … Continue reading The Root & Foot of the Issue

The Lateness of Daylight Facing South

Being at the right place at the right time: How much of life's successes occur because of this? This was taken on a warm Spring day, near sunset and yet, it feels distinctly wintery. There's a chill across the image that wasn't present where I took it. The Winter wasn't yet done with us yet, … Continue reading The Lateness of Daylight Facing South