I Can Feel the Colour and the Light

Imagine the lush greens, modulating hues and tones with the sunlight that hits them through the canopy. Imagine the wind twisting the leaves in all directions and showing the natural colour changes in each leaf. Imagine how the underbelly of each maple leaf has a silvery iridescence that reflects even more colour changes. Imagine the … Continue reading I Can Feel the Colour and the Light

Green Uncertainties

I have all these fern-like plants around my house. From far, they are not too exciting to look at but get closer and they become a jungle filled with ominous possibility. To the naked eye, the bigger and finer leaves appear to be two different plants; they even have different green hues. Up close, they … Continue reading Green Uncertainties

Burning Man During Covid-19 – The Hollow Ones #37

An obscure Joe Strummer song was playing on my Spotify daily suggestions and it reminded me of The Burning Man: both the movies and the festival. I suddenly started going through the list of cancelled summer activities I've been hearing on daily downer reports (aka the news) on the radio. thinking how some bands and … Continue reading Burning Man During Covid-19 – The Hollow Ones #37

Shadows at Sunset

I don't recall how or when I took this shot. It must have been when I was shadow hunting around the house. It was a very blurry shot, to begin with and the light in the original was at sunrise, not sunset. I usually don't see so much red in the morning sun, but this … Continue reading Shadows at Sunset

Encroaching Darkness

If I were to express this in one word it would be: ominous. That was my first impulse reaction when I was how the shadow was caught on camera. If you start viewing the image from the bottom, you can see beautiful, warm light of subtle, natural tones. The little shadows and dark spots only … Continue reading Encroaching Darkness

Bird’s Eye View, Or Is It #2

What are we looking at here: a satellite photo, a topographical survey shot from a plane, a bird's eye view of the tundra, or an up-close view of sun-bathed, small, and mossy rock? What do you want to see? That's all that matters. I found these questions and more rolling around my head as I … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View, Or Is It #2

Abstract Landscape In Isolation Times

I dreamt of a floating forest, displaying the basic colours one might find in a sun-dappled wood. This morphed as my dreaming mind tried to tell a story for it and it became floating mountains... some part from Lovecraftian dreamscapes, some part from Miyazaki's moving and floating architectures. I enjoyed the mass floating off to … Continue reading Abstract Landscape In Isolation Times

Strange Skull From The Melted Glacier

Someone managed to cart and toss this enormous stump next to a local walking path and no one seems interested in moving it. It's been there for a few years now and I see it every time I walk the path, and every time I stop and ponder it. I don't really know what is … Continue reading Strange Skull From The Melted Glacier


I walked around this old weathered root a few times and wasn't sure what I was seeing. I enjoy imagining faces and eyes in all sorts of things, and I'm always fascinated by patterns, but this one just wasn't clear. As I was editing it, I started emphasizing the contrast and definition to pull out … Continue reading Spirit

Looking Left in Plague Times

A beautiful Spring morning during the isolation, I ventured out into my garden to start tidying my yard. Over the long Winter, things had fallen from the trees, some things are forgotten when buried under the snow. This windchime grew a beautiful patina and wanted to let Mother Nature continue her work, so I rehung … Continue reading Looking Left in Plague Times