Ted Talk: An action call to humanize architecture


Transformative Artistry — Antoni Gaudi

youtube.com/watch A few nights ago, in one of our long, winding, and intellectually indulgent conversations, my good friend Marcel and I were dreaming out loud about possible work relocations. I eventually came around to discussing Barcelona as a place I could see my family being right now and staying into retirement. I gave some practical … Continue reading Transformative Artistry — Antoni Gaudi


A Creative Block Project – Day 8

I feel I went out a little further on a limb for this one. I I have seen how salt mottles watercolour paints and wondered if it would do the same to ink... Well, not quite. The ink must have some alcohol or another form of solvent that isn't waterbed, so the salt didn't gather … Continue reading A Creative Block Project – Day 8

Bad Birds Eight – Time To Move On

My Decision was made; I would leave the job early and get the weight of my To Do lists off my head; I would start preparing for my new school year of teaching and other adventures; I would move on. The bird figure is weary with the weight of decisions and tasks to yet complete, … Continue reading Bad Birds Eight – Time To Move On

Bad Birds Seven – Why Am I Still Here?

During a particularly boring day at work, I was assessing the value of the revenue I was making against all the other things I need to do right now. It dawned on me that I was killing myself with self-imposed frustration. I had time to get stuff done before e the Fall semester began again … Continue reading Bad Birds Seven – Why Am I Still Here?

Bad Birds Six – I Want To Be Impossible

I believe I was dragging the Skeksis (The Dark Crystal) from my subconscious when the brush first touched the paper for this one. Combined with a strange, one-legged creature from the Faerie kingdom, whose name escapes me, this giant bird emerged. Oh, yes, it is a giant! I imagine it a hun drew feet tall … Continue reading Bad Birds Six – I Want To Be Impossible

Invasion of the Triffid-Snatchers

Are you a fan of the old black and white, alien invasion, b-movies of the 1960s? Take a look at The Day of there Triffids and try to figure out what the artistic director must have been thunking whence created the Triffids. They were supposed to be some plant-like aliens. In the book, if my … Continue reading Invasion of the Triffid-Snatchers

A little good news — about creativity

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/this-simple-word-test-reveals-how-creative-you-are/ I'm not sure why, but this mental exercise sounds familiar. As a person who has often been accused of being too literate because of my love of semantics, this is a game I've often played with myself... well, various versions of it. Care to see if you are really creative? Take the test: https://www.datcreativity.com/about

Strange Perspectives before Being Eaten

When editing, I always take a look at the photo in greyscale to see where the light and shadows belong. When I pealed away the colours on this one, something strange developed that I just can't put my finger on. The whole perspective shifter from one where I felt to be looking down into the … Continue reading Strange Perspectives before Being Eaten

Jasmine Dreams

These small flowers are deceptively fragrant. The jasmine perfume permeates the whole house during the winter months and the backyard during the summer. They always start off white and just before desiccating and falling turn a lovely wine read. Seldom much more than an inch in diameter, they always attract everyone's attention. I can only … Continue reading Jasmine Dreams