I recently opened a box full of ceramics bowls I made a few years ago, because someone asked me for one they saw on Arts M.Perron. They wanted to use it for something entirely different than I originally planned for it. I conceived it as a tea bowl. Their alternative usage inspired me to look at all of them differently.

Transformed With Life #1

Thanks to the work I’m doing with my furniture refurbishing business, Found – The Repurposed Design Company, I’ve become very aware of new ways of seeing some of my old artworks. Along with the extra studies I’m doing for my Art Ed degree, I’ve been attracting more and more muses that seem to love Wabi-Sabi aesthetics as much as I do. The most common images coming in to me are of bonsais. So, I decided to see how they looked as planters. I love the way they looked and I am slowly recycling these old pieces into unique decoration ideas. In essence, I’ve repurposed them into something more attractive to the market I have seen around me lately.

There will be more of these coming soon. For now, this one has two different succulents in it. I have some with small maple trees, cactus, and I’m currently hunting for the perfect conifers to change them up. Please stay tuned here and at Found – The Repurposed Design Company for more to come.

You can also see many of the bowls in their original state at Living with Visions @ Arts M.Perron: http://www.1-mario-perron.pixels.com

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