My original research question is changing continually as I get more and more into it.

This is the current wording of my research question:

“Is the bowl the most popular form of ceramic art in Montreal today and if yes, how might it have become so?”

The results of my original inquiry have led me to realize that the word form isn’t clear enough. By form, I was inquiring about shape, not style or finish.

I was hoping to avoid guiding the answers by giving examples, but as you can see from the attached image, I’ve determined a need to include them.

Note: The conclusions and an edited down version of the research will follow in a few weeks, after my professor has corrected it. However, for now let me tell you that I started with an assumption that sculpture was an unpopular expression for ceramic artists in Montreal. This is based on low visibility of sculptural ceramics in museum exhibitions and some mainstream galleries in Montreal. While I have yet to determine if functional ceramics (eg. the bowl) is indeed more popular than sculptural ceramics, I have found that Montreal’s independent studio-galleries have a lot more sculptural ceramics on display and for sale than I ever thought possible. I may have to continue investigating this way past this research paper.

If you’re curious, I’d welcome a visit to my online gallery:  Arts M.Perron:

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