Playing with materials not used in a long time, I find myself struggling against the impulse to recreate old ideas and worrying about the originality of this new work. Well, F*** it! I am having fun playing with the materials, in this case coloured charcoal pencils. I find myself loving the messiness of it. I get to make a basic drawing, add messy and dusty shading/highlights, then smudge them. Finally, I add more outlines to give definition and attitude. Sorry, if this doesn’t make sense to everyone, but trust me when I say, I’m enjoying it.

The title blurted itself into my consciousness as I was looking at the face and felt its attitude. It looks so self-satisfied. It looks right about something, and almost gives the impression it doesn’t care what or why it’s right. It’s just blissful to be right.

See more at Living with Visions @ Arts M.Perron:

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