He looks down and away, unable to face your gaze. What did he do? Why is he so visibly filled with remorse?

I’ve been told that an artist almost always incorporates part of themselves in every portrait they make. For me, I believe that something inside me often speaks out whey I make faces. I’m not sure why this one speaks of remorse. Perhaps it’s a reaction of sadness. The sadness is self-directed and self-deprecating. What that sadness is, I am not sure. Why it feel like it’s full of regret is also something I’m not ready to make conscious. it will surface if and when it must.

My process is to start with an expressionless face in mind. I seldom start with a message or story to tell, they tend to come as I’m working on the piece. This one came only after I started to blend the colours together.

For more of my works, please visit Arts M.Perron

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