For those of you who have ever had the pleasure of hanging out with stage actors, you realize that their public personas tend to be very, well, theatrical. Every word they say is accentuated with a purposeful pose and facial expression. It leaves you wondering if they are being a little condescending in some way. It seldom feels fully natural and can leave you a little confused as to the what just transpired. Regardless of the degree of their physical beauty, they always emote a certain perfection, as their poses and expressions seem to linger a few seconds after every statement… a pause to inspire you to reflect on the depth of meaning they hoped to express. In the end, you tend to be left with an unwanted feeling of envy at the confidence they project. Another consistency is in the eyes of the thespian. They are always dancing with a secret amusement and knowing. That fascinates me and I wonder why I’m so attracted to it.

See more such artistic stories at The New Renaissance Mindset:

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