Could this guy be a monk, a yogi, a wizened guru, or just some old guy? Whatever and whoever he is, he looks wise. There’s that added calm he emotes that gives the feeling he might be wiser than us. The photo I took of this older guy had him much farther from the lens, but he did seem to be looking right at me and I got a sense of deep comprehension and acceptance from him. I chose to crop him in closer so as to deliver him into an unavoidable position of discourse with the viewer. Now, you’ve just asked him your very important life question… What is his answer to you? What does his silence reveal to you?

I hoped to capture that silence I expect I would get when asking a Zen master. It’s a silence that tells me the only true answer is inside me and I should stop avoiding the answer I already know.

For more reflective faces visit The New Renaissance Mindset:

ps: I could also have called this one “Old-Man Frank”. But that would be a whole new story for an Old Frankenstein’s monster who became a monk in Tibet. Hmmm…

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