I stared at this guy for a long time, before hearing any kind of story. It was very hard to hear his voice. So, I asked him to tell me. He only gave me his little smile. I begged for something, anything, just one thing… That’s when he whispered his name: “Finger”, and nothing else. I believe it was his response to the request for just one thing, and it felt right as a name.

I think he was meant to be enigmatic. I usually finish my drawings with a sharp outline in black and white, but as I was making this one, I kept hearing a voice telling me not to go too far. I was cautioned while doing the thick outlines and to blend them and blur them. This is one of those drawings I feel the muse directed. I’m not sure I can describe it any other way. Thanks to the muse, I made this.

For more of the muse’s playings, visit The New Renaissance Mindset: http://www.renminds.org

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