Another enigmatic personage. She grew from some outer source, the muse again, I’m sure. I had already done a few drawings this day and had a very productive day all around, so I was quite please with myself. I was feeling happy and felt like drawing out that emotion. I’m not sure if what this says about the race or gender of my happiness in general, or momentarily, but this is how she looked this moment. Sitting there with an amused and kind look on her face, patiently allowing me the time to draw her portrait. There’s a expression of understanding around her eyes, as if she knows my need for more joy these days. It’s such a kind and comforting look.

The obvious indicator of psychological happiness is the overall use of orange (actually Sanguine conte). It is a happy colour for me. I only used charcoal for outlining on this one. The conte was used in different thicknesses and strokes to achieve this texture. The conte blends inconsistently and I’m really enjoying that.

For more expression-stories visit The New Renaissance Mindset:

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