I was recently asked about a hand painted perfecto I made about thirty years ago and it got me digging through old pictures of it for the inquirer. While digging I found a small stash of pictures of myself and my brother, Wayne, when we were in our teens. We are 9 years apart, but both seemed to have gone through the same phase of having long hair that was in-step with the styles of our times. Him in the hippy styles of the late 70s, wearing torn t-shirts, jean jackets, and bell-bottoms; me in the hair band styles of the late 80s, wearing… well, let’s leave that clouting fiasco in the past, shall we. What really struck me was the similarity of our facial expressions, how our hair covered our faces, and the purposeful blankness of our stares.

Even funnier, is that our Sister, Nat, has a similar hippy-ish look in the early 80s. I bet if I looked hard enough, I’d find one of our oldest sister, Jan with a similar look too. I never thought we looked that much alike when I was younger, but we sure seems we did.

I played with conte and compressed chalk sticks for this one. The black paper is still presenting a challenge. I’m learning to be more patient with it, and build multiple layers between blendings.

For more artistic explorations, visit The New Renaissance Mindset @ http://www.renminds.org

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