I recently received a question about this old biker jacket I painted back in the late 1980’s and it brought forth a surge of memories. Guess what, they felt pretty fun to remember!

The great compliment of someone finding interest in something I made so long ago and offering to buy it, if it had fit was awesome. That aside I recalled a couple of times I think I may have worn it. At that time I was working as a manager of a local music store (Discus) and on occasion got tickets to go to record launches for bands like “Moist”, “Me. Mom, & Morgentaller”, “The Doughboys”, “Bootsauce”, and many others. One night I was called to see the launch of a new Death Metal band playing at Les Foufounes Electriques. This was a local punk hangout and almost always was loads of fun. I frankly don’t remember who the band was, but Claude Rajotte was introducing them and they were shooting footage for a live video for MusicPlus. I’m pretty sure this jacket showed up in that one.

I was doing quite a few drawings and paintings of these Hollow Men back then, and even painting a few drastic pieces of clothing. All just to look cool. Well, it felt cool to wear them. It’s been a nice walk down memory lane.

Maybe I’ll find some more of pictures those old pieces I painted. I remember a long black leather coat with a very interesting landscape on the back…

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