The inspiration for this face was so completely different than the end result, you can’t imagine. My process of drawing a rough outline of the image from the inspiration source, then immediately removing the original from view, before filling it in, almost always reveals surprises. This way, I feel I am inspired by something then let my imagination transform it into a whole new expression.

This face is a great example of that. I saw a face, done in a style similar to Egon Schiele. I did the outline and didn’t like it, so I redid the outline. Suddenly, I felt I was drawing a face over a face; a mask over a face. I realize the Guy Fawkes mask has become ubiquitous and undoubtedly ingrained in my psyche, but so have the painted carnival faces of various German Expressionists I admire. This seems to be a version of my go-to mask. The figure beneath emotes a love of being sardonic. When I’m feeling self-satisfied, this is how I imagine I look.

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