Every time I meet my dear friend, Berel we get into wonderful conversations about philosophy, self-awareness, and our passions for the arts. He captures hearts and minds every time he starts talking ab out his passion for singing, Barbershop style. The hard work, dedication, and love he and his fellow Cold Snaps put into there music is obvious as soon as you hear them. The smiles on their faces as they sing are a big part what captures the hearts of their audience. They clearly love singing!

This as yet little know quarter is very quickly gaining ground and popularity around Montreal and beyond. This week they appeared on Global News Mornings where Andrea Howick asked some great questions about barbershop and their passions. You can find the video of the performance under the segment “Cold Snaps barbershop Quartet Performs” on the global website. You must watch it. You will quickly be smiling along, if not singing along with this well known Neil Sedaka classic.

Oh, by the way, their popularity is growing globally, as we can see from the fact that the editors at MSN.com have caught ear of them and rebroadcast their video too.

They are already busy with several upcoming shows and appearances. I strongly suggest you book them soon for yours!

They can be contacted and followed at any of these links:

Website, Facebook page, and probably other news and media outlets coming very soon 😉😉

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