I’ve had an aversion to using ball cactus, mainly due to the fact I feel they don’t really grow or change shape. I found this little thorny guy and felt he has more personality than his brothers, so I had to use him. He sat in many different pots, before I accepted to leave him in this one.

The pot is slab-built, rake stoneware, electric fired at cone 6, and glazed on the outside with a dark celadon; the upper rim has an iron oxide stain on it, and the inside is covered with a clear glaze mixed with pure red pigment. The pot is heavily textured from rolling it in bone dry porcelain scraps while the pot body was soft and still wet.

Dimensions: W – 3″ (77mm) x D – 3″ (77mm) x H – 3″ (77mm)

Available to own for $30 (plus shipping and handling)

You can find images of the pots by themselves at Arts M.Perron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com

And more Transformations @ www.renminds.org

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